Leo Nine wins over Switchfoot’s audience

Comments from new fans after Leo Nine rocked over 1000 people supporting Switchfoot at the Tivoli, Brisbane Monday 3 Oct 2005.

I saw you guys at Switchfoot and you guys totally rocked. I ended up buying your album and I haven’t turned it off since. I love your music, you guys are incredible and I can’t wait to see you play again.

OMG!! you guys are AWESOME! i saw you last night at the tivoli with switchfoot it rocked, i bought your album and ep and listened to them last night, i had so much fun!!!!

Hey guys. i just got home like literally from the switchfoot conert.. i dont know if the “bass player” remembers but i was the girl who he gave the free album to at the end of your set. im listening to it now..its great. you will soon have many fans following you. please let us know when there are any up coming gigs.!!!
you guys are great. love emilyxoxoxo

Hi guys.. saw you last night in brissy for the switchfoot gig.. and may i just say that you were sooo awesome!! my sister and i love the bass player..but who doesn’t!! hah ..we have been playing your cd allll day!! thanks sooo much! jodie(the sister of the girl with the nice smile!) ­čśë

Hey. I saw you last night playing at the Tivoli with my friend. We both instantly fell in love with your music, and bought your EP and Album. I loved your live performance. It was energetic yet you didnt lose the essence of your songs as you entertained. Thanks for making your music.

Hey fellas, I saw you on MONDAY before Switchfoot came on and YOU guys just blew me away. I can’t wait to buy Your album and look forward to seeing you all again. One of your songs, (can’t remember the name) just gave me goosebumps and I still am shocked that you guys arent BIG yet!! Anyway thanks for ROCKING HARD.. ENJOYED EVERY SECOND YOU PLAYED